Autonomous Liquid Dispenser : A.L.D.

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Abstract: Our society has become more and more digitized and futuristic in the service sector. The urge of efficiency in order to maintain a stable income and profit is increasing in various businesses. One such business is the hotel and restaurant business which heavily relies on staff members being efficient. The purpose of this report is to evaluate how automation and efficiency can be combined and integrated into this branch. The main reason being to release employees in this branch from repetitive tasks and put the focus on delivering high quality customer service instead. The main goal in this report will be on dispensing a variety of both carbonated and non-carbonated drinks using an autonomous system that strives to have the same accuracy and skill as a dispenser operated by a human. To achieve this goal an autonomous liquid dispenser consisting of two ultrasonic sensors had to be constructed. It should be able to detect when a glass needs to be filled with liquid, decrease the foam by tilting the glass and replace it to it’s original state. The system was evaluated using three different experiments, where two of them measured the accuracy of the construction. The results from the two experiments concluded that the constructed system is of high accuracy. The result from the third experiment tested the speed for one dispensation cycle and the conclusion was that improvements can be made.

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