Exchange-rate regimes and economic recovery : A cross-sectional study of the growth performance following the 2008 financial crisis

University essay from Södertörns högskola/Nationalekonomi

Abstract: This paper applies a cross-sectional regression analysis of 83 countries over the period 2009-11 in order to examine the role played by the exchange-rate regime in explaining how countries fared in terms of economic growth recovery following the recent financial crisis. After controlling for income categorization, regime classification, using alternative regime definitions, and accounting for various other determinants, the paper finds a significant relationship between the regime choice and the recovery performance, where those countries with more flexible arrangements fared better. These results were conditional on the regime classification scheme and the income level, implying an asymmetric effect of the regime during the recovery period between high and low income countries. The paper also finds that proxies for initial conditions as well as trade and financial channels were highly significant determinants of the growth performance during the recovery period. 

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