Business incubator as a support measure for start-ups in Russia and Sweden. : Comparative analysis.

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Företagsekonomi

Author: Maria Kiseleva; [2017]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: Growth and developing of start-ups plays an important role as starting new business is one of the indicator that shows the economy level of each country. At that time start-ups need support and one of such support institutions is business incubator who can provide all resources that start-ups need. Different studies exist about business incubator as a support measure and the role of them for start- ups, but there is a lack of studies in analyzing this topic in different business environments. This thesis aims to provide an analysis of start-up needs, goals and offers of business incubators and interaction between them in two different business environments. Sweden and Russia will be considered in this study, as it is two different countries with different level of economy, so the level of business environment is also different. The findings of this study shows that the needs of start-up companies in two different business environments are the same, but the goals of business incubator are differing and offers are also differ as Russian business environment is weak. Some problems were found out that prevent to develop business environment of Russia and that’s why Russian business incubator can’t afford and provide such offerings as Swedish business incubator. 

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