Folding carton and internal printing: a technical approach to consumer differentiation and food safety

University essay from Lunds universitet/Förpackningslogistik

Abstract: Packaging can be used to offer to consumers a complete brand experience. The emotional level enhanced during opening moment make consumers engage with the product and therefore, with the brand. Brands can firstly use printing to stand out at the point of sale and can use internal printing to enhance consumer experience at home. Internal printing needs to be analyzed through the lenses of three pillars for a right execution: technical feasibility, consumer perception and safety. This thesis evaluates the necessary work to achieve internal printing, asks what do consumer think about internal printing and evaluates how to do it in a safe way. Provide recommendations of technical and legal relevant approaches to achieve an attractive Packaging System with internal printing considering different product and primary pack combinations. Internal printing exists in the food industry, it follows a determinate packaging system structure of consumer unit containing multiple individually packed units, different artwork design can be found and direct contact between food product and substrate does not exist. Internal printing is technically feasible, this does not allow the conclusion to state that internal Printing is achievable for all applications and hence every internal printing scenario needs to go through a similar evaluation one case at a time. It is highly recommended to run an overall migration test once a final artwork(s) is developed.

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