SGSN-MME Test Node Pool - Resources utilization for SGSN test nodes

University essay from KTH/Skolan för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (ICT)

Author: Zandra Norman; [2013]

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Abstract: The SGSN-MME node, which is important in wireless networks, handles many users and therefore the uptime requirements for it are very high. The goal at Ericsson is to reach 99.9999% uptime for their SGSN-MME nodes and to reach this a lot of testing is required. Therefore the test process during the SGSN-MME development is both resource expensive and time consuming. To optimize both resource utilization and test runtimes a common test node pool solution for their different test tools has been proposed. During this thesis a first exploratory investigation about how to optimize such a solution was made. During the investigation different aspects were evaluated and a first input about how an optimal solution can be implemented is proposed. By having a scheduling layer in the common node pool, which determines how many nodes each regression job will get, depending on current load, the number of test cases in the job and the current node utilization optimized solutions can be found. Future work in the area is still needed, but the exploratory research made during this thesis will give a good base to continue from.

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