Conveying value in new corporateventures : The case of Telia CompanyCDN unit

University essay from KTH/Entreprenörskap och Innovation

Abstract: The transition of businesses to the digital marketplace has presented many opportunities andchallenges for e-commerce and ICT services providers. This research was carried out during theongoing diffusion of a technological innovation, at Telia Company's Content Delivery Network(CDN) unit, in a bid to understand the technology adoption process. The researchers' approachwas to get insights from different stakeholders in the Swedish e-commerce industry and tocompare the qualitative research findings with theoretical secondary data and definitions. Sixinterviews were performed, constituting the empirical data. After the analysis and discussion ofthe results and frameworks, the researchers propose a merged theoretical framework thatcould be used for designing compelling value propositions, and as such improve the conveyingof the value of an offering. The thesis concludes with recommendations to further validate theproposed framework through further research.

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