Entrepreneurship matters in Europe, but what matters for Entrepreneurship?

University essay from Lunds universitet/Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

Abstract: Economies have long been based on systems that emphasize production and explain results. In today's increased global competitiveness, the maturing capitalism advocates varied and lasting spatial concentrations as well as country-specific characteristics, National Innovation Systems. Even entrepreneurship has been given more and more attention in economic development and its importance in the implementation of prior innovations. On the other hand, National Innovation Systems have overlooked entrepreneurial activity in the economy while the Entrepreneurial Ecosystems has been neglected from the impact of National Innovation Systems. This research defines, describes and locates the national elements that support entrepreneurship, and then investigates which mechanisms as in variations associated with nationally successful entrepreneurship. The paper concludes that the intensity of a nation's integration into the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem depends on the ability to invent and upgrade and above all; the aggregated engagement within the National Innovation System.

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