How do firms evaluate investments in HRD? -a study of two large Swedish accounting firms

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Research The study aim to answer the following research questions;questions: -How do firms evaluate investments in HRD?-Is there a need for additional evaluation methods?Purpose: The purpose of the study is to understand how these companies evaluateinvestments in HRD.Method: The method used is a case study of two large Swedish accounting firmswhere theoretical and scientific ideas and methodologies are compared with empirical datafrom interviews with appropriate interviewees from selected companiesTheoreticalThe study’s theoretical framework is based on Kirkpatrick’s four-level model of evaluationframework:and Russ-Eft and Preskill’s systems model of evaluation.EmpiricalTo gather empirical data qualitative interviews are conducted with two representatives fromresearch:selected companies.Conclusions: The companies conduct evaluations of their investments on a too basic level to determinethe investments affect on employee performance and organisational goals.

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