STAY : Mindfulness and Space

University essay from Umeå universitet/Designhögskolan vid Umeå universitet

Abstract: The state of the art technology has been penetrated every corner of people's life. It is a path to transfer to a new way of life with the artificial intelligence and big data resources. The next generation of transportation should not only be a mobile accommodation or a productive studio. It should be a second home or a companion to tackle individual problems and social issues to pervade the physical and mental ground with the mindful and natural approach. This project aims to provide a whole new experience in a vehicle. The supportive concept should stay within people's daily life. The engagement of the time gap and spacial shifting is the role to make people's lives stable with the smooth flow of emotional state. The concept is about offering people to recognise the individual condition and the current situation for better mental condition and stable emotion. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. Social relevance and industrial background of the wellness have been witnessed these days such as rapid growth of the economy and researches about an urban mental issue. It is signs of an eagerness to pursue a balance of life and encouraging mindfulness. The thesis will deliver a proper solution to design a product with proposing in-car activity and experience to cover the original subject within the automotive design field. Benchmarking of existing therapeutic solutions was a one of the main approaches for the research. Every design solution is proposed based on the fundamental element of the current solution in the market such as the verified mental care process, resources and basic principle. Architectural trend and structure were adopted to propose the different atmosphere and composition to tackle the emotional element within the moving world. Manual drawing initiated the key idea. Quick sketch modelling was utilised to build the core design solution and to demonstrate the interior transformation. Digital rendering/modelling software and physical soft mockup were important tools to prove feasible movement, proper space and right volume for the conceptual activity and product. 3D animation film is the out-put for the final visualisation. The film contains how each design element works and all parts are in harmony for the mindful space. The vehicle frames the new role beyond the smart transportation. Through various fields of mental solution, the concept STAY takes a part of the role of consistent emotional care in daily life. Its preventative approach blends into people's lifestyle. It is a great opportunity for the automotive industry to be a userfriendly medium. The activity in the mobility is a tool to communicate between passengers and car. It is a flexible platform that users can tell their story and share their feelings to achieve a better emotional health. The STAY is equipped with the re-arrangeable objects and modules. It is about creating a personalised space to offer an opportunity to empathise with the present and how he or she feels.

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