Mervärden inom svensk nötköttsproduktion : kommunikation och drivkrafter

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Animal Nutrition and Management

Abstract: Today a lot of consumer and media interest lie in food production. Food is something everyone of us has a relationship to hence foodstuff and their making is a topic of current interest.Cattle’s rearing is one of many factors that have begun to play a bigger role when consumersare selecting beef from the shops’ meat counters. This may well be a result of productdiversification and greater investments towards marketing. Many cattle rearers considerseveral grounds for added values being linked to their products and consumers are becomingmore aware of these primary sector related added values. Grounds for added values can becommunicated in various ways and doubtless they are perceived on equally many ways giventhat the feeling of an added value is highly personal.

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