Vision based control and landing of Micro aerial vehicles

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Avdelningen för fysik och elektroteknik

Abstract: This bachelors thesis presents a vision based control system for the quadrotor aerial vehicle,Crazy ie 2.0, developed by Bitcraze AB. The main goal of this thesis is to design andimplement an o-board control system based on visual input, in order to control the positionand orientation of the vehicle with respect to a single ducial marker. By integrating a cameraand wireless video transmitter onto the MAV platform, we are able to achieve autonomousnavigation and landing in relatively close proximity to the dedicated target location.The control system was developed in the programming language Python and all processing ofthe vision-data take place on an o-board computer. This thesis describes the methods usedfor developing and implementing the control system and a number of experiments have beencarried out in order to determine the performance of the overall vision control system. Withthe proposed method of using ducial markers for calculating the control demands for thequadrotor, we are able to achieve autonomous targeted landing within a radius of 10centimetres away from the target location.

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