Assessment of Customer Satisfaction In 4star Hotels Of Parsian Hotel Chain In Tehran

University essay from Luleå/Institutionen ekonomi, teknik och samhälle

Abstract: Due to the current challenges facing the hotel service provider such as “high customer demand on quality”, “increasing competition for high customer satisfaction” and “the demand for full service” which are directly related to better understanding the attributes of hotel service, quality of service is the fundamental factor to measure customer’s satisfaction in hotel industry. The target of the study is to analyze guest`s expectations (what creates satisfaction sense for a guest), perceptions of hotel services and also to ascertain SERVQUAL components (5 Dimensions) for evaluate quality of service in Parsian hotels in Tehran (PHIT). Statistical methods are used in this research, in addition we are going to use gap analysis for determining of PHIT`s guest expectation and perception. The selected hotels are three 4 star Parsian hotels in Tehran. The findings of this study would be showed the level of guest`s expectation and perception, and also It will help the managers of the (PHIT) hotels to understand the expectations of their guests and train their service personnel to handle their guest`s expectations for achieving their satisfaction and also to be compassionate enough to serve their guest`s appropriately. Managers can utilize the guest`s feedback to understand their perception towards the various hospitality aspects of the hotels and make the needed improvement to enclose the existing gaps.