Reporting in digital pathology:increasing efficiency and accuracy using structured reporting

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskapLinköpings universitet/Tekniska högskolan

Abstract: The healthcare today is experiening a greater burden since diseases suchas cancer are more common. The diagnostic parts of the healthcare, suchas radiology and pathology, are aected with increased workload. Duringthe past several decades, systems for structured reporting in radiology havebecome available in a try to facilitate their work ow. The introduction ofdigital pathology has enabled the possibility to introduce structured reportingin pathology as well. The question is whether it can facilitate their work ow.Today's aids for structured reporting in radiology are more or less perceivedas distracting, and the challenge in this thesis is to create an aid for structuredreporting that is not distracting the pathologist's diagnostic work ow.To achieve this, a prototype with a template for invasive breast cancer andprostate cancer was implemented in Sectra's viewer for pathology images. Thetemplate for invasive breast cancer was tested by two pathologists in a userstudy with the main objective to determine the dierences in the diagnosticwork ow using the prototype and using only paper and pen. The pathologistcould see a use of the prototype both for breast assessment and assessmentsin other areas of pathology. Both pathologists also think that the prototypewill save time in their overall work ow, help them organize the informationretrieved during the assessment, and create an overall better diagnostic work- ow.

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