University essay from Lunds universitet/Industridesign

Abstract: lectric surfboards are a fairly new innovation. They fuse the art of surfing into technology and deliver a fresh experience to their users. That feeling has made them want more. Also the reason why electric surfboards are gaining popularity. How can you redesign an electric surfboard? What more do you want to experience when you are already cruising on the water at high speeds. The electrified surfboard experience is good enough but this project is about finding what it takes to add more to that experience. Working in collaboration with Radinn, an electric surfboard company, I was able to get real close to the current electric surfboards and learn what makes them a great product. Following that, the project was focused more on understanding the related market place and customers. The research was done with the ambition of finding a meaningful focus for the product development. The goal was to broaden the customer base, to make electric surfing easy and for all no matter if they can surf or not. With this goal, the product evolved as I did the project. The result was Ranger, a surfboard powered by electricity, which can let the users ride or surf the way they want. Meaning, Ranger is a transforming product that can be ridden in two ways. The classic surfing style with the user standing and the new seated surfing style. With the option of choosing how they want to ride the surfboard, now users can ease into the surfing world by having a seated experience with complete control over the machine, assisting by shortening the learning curve when it comes to electronic surfing. What made this project meaningful and of value was when I understood the impacts such a product can have on nature, the marine fauna to be exact. With the view of sustainability in sight, the expectations of doing the right things when it comes to product development regarding everything from the raw materials to the decomposing of the expired product, Ranger was planned and developed to satisfy the demands of a sustainable future and most important, to satisfy myself as a Master in Industrial Design.

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