Vinterviksdalen : A project about minor architecture as developing factor in urbanizing a park in southwest Stockholm.

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Abstract: This project deals with a transformation of a park to an entity of a urban scale. Context; Stockholm is growing but have many spaces that could connect areas but doesn’t. They often connect with small gestures but have big spaces of nothing which is experienced as unsafe and uninviting borders. I would like to propose a change for one of those areas. Minor architecture; I would like to do minor insertions in this park to unify and clarify it. To do this I propose a concrete path that spans the full lenght of the park and with some structures along the way to activate the parts that lacks it today. The main idea of the path is to establish something constant and durable so that it gives upportunity for the activities and functions to evolve around it without dissolving the base structure of the park.

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