Future certification of autonomous vehicles and the use of virtual testing methods

University essay from KTH/Fordonsdynamik

Abstract: One of the biggest obstacles to launching autonomous vehicles is the current legislation, which currently does not cover automation level higher than level 2. Work on developing the legal requirements takes place at UN level within WP29 (The UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations). As a world-leading vehicle manufacturer, Scania is aspiring to pave the way for sustainable transport solutions. At Scania, well-established methodologies on certification of different systems exist, although the process of certification of autonomous driving systems needs to be developed.This master thesis investigates the current situation regarding the elaboration of regulations to cover autonomous vehicles, future certification methods related to these systems, and how this applies to Scania. Particular focus is being on the investigation of virtual certification methods. This can form the basis for various departments at Scania in their work with future autonomous systems and how to get these certified.The future certification work for autonomous vehicles will be based on a validation process based on a process called the ‘Multi-pillars approach’ / ‘Three-pillars approach’. The idea is that the autonomous vehicle should be certified based on a process where the basis for certification is made by validating and justifying its systems. This will be done through simulations and other methods to ensure that the systems are satisfactory. A less extensive work should then be done in the testing of the autonomous vehicle on the test track and in traffic, where only less demanding situations must be validated.The functional requirements of the autonomous vehicle will largely control the validation process that is carried out for the ‘Multi-pillars approach’ / ‘Three-pillars approach’. For example, the definition of ODD (Operational Design Domain) is crucial for the validation that the vehicle will undergo at a later stage.

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