Presenting learning possibilities through branching storylines : A case study of epic proportions

University essay from Högskolan i Skövde/Institutionen för kommunikation och information

Abstract: This paper concerns the creation and evaluation of a branching story written by the author. Branching storylines are unique in that each branch delivers a different experience, wherefore this paper poses and attempts to answer the question, is it possible to offer similar learning experiences regardless of which story path is taken in a branching story structure? As a case study, the story is written for a pervasive game, an application for Android phones. Due to the game’s design and wishing to motivate the players to move around on their own, it was written to be segmented and yet have linear, branching storylines. The case study consisted of creating a game set at a historical site, specifically Karlsborg fort, where the story would give the players an idea of how a day in the life of a sergeant could have looked in 1865. After testing and knowledge-based questionnaires, the data body proved minute, wherefore no significant conclusions are reached; however, it is suggested story nodes are useful for giving each player equal possibility of gleaning specific knowledge from the game, gathering all storylines in event scenes where the specific knowledge is presented.

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