Stable Communication Over a Wireless Network Under Heavy Load

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för elektro- och informationsteknik

Abstract: For our master's thesis we have worked with a company called Uniti to help them establish a system for communicating with their autonomous vehicle during a public demonstration. This included handling a video feed from the vehicle as well as assuring low latency for said feed. For the purposes of this thesis the targeted latency was below 200ms. In order to construct a solution which met our requirements we looked at several combinations of wireless mediums and video encoding standards. For our thesis work we considered Wi-Fi and LTE as network mediums as well as JPEG and H.264 as video encoding standards. We implemented several combinations of network mediums and video encoding standards to see whether or not they would perform well within the latency criteria. We then tested these solutions in a wireless environment with a moderate amount of load on it. During the tests we took sample data which we later analyzed. This data was in turn used to determine whether or not a certain solution was within margins for our project as well as reliable enough. We found that a Wi-Fi connection yielded results within the required boundaries when using both JPEG and H.264 as the video coding standards, with varying but yet acceptable results. On the other hand LTE was found to deliver less desirable results although LTE could provide certain other benefits such as being functional at longer ranges.

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