Challenges related to the adoption of Scrum

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för informatik


Software development projects took an important turn after the emergence of agilesoftware development methods. Indeed, this kind of projects has always been managed in atraditional way that requires an elaborate effort of planning. A way considered as inflexibleand that goes against the constantly changing and hardly predictable nature of softwaredevelopment projects. Agility offers more flexibility as far as requirements and changemanagement are concerned. In this study, the focus is placed on one of the most popularagile software development methods, namely Scrum. It investigates the challenges relatedto the adoption of Scrum, and for this the case of a company operating in the financial ITsector and that has been using Scrum for 5 years is examined. This case displays that thenature of Scrum makes that there is not a single way of adopting it. Adopting Scrum ismore a process of continuous adaptation and improvement, therefore facing challenges isan inseparable part of this process.

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