Exercise Monitor on E-healthcare System

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi och medier

Abstract: With the rapid development of terminal hardware, mobile users and network environments, the scale of the mobile Internet appears to be catching up with the desktop Internet. Positioning System, phone sensors and applications which are able to be used anywhere have caused the arrival and increase in usage of the smart phone, and the world has become mobile-first. Within medical fields, the smart phone is also regarded as an acceptableassistant for nurses and patients as based on the advantages of mobile Internet. It is possible for healthcare personnel to assign tasks for the patients from a different place if there is a computer connected to the Internet. In addition,the smart phones is able to act as a nurse and remind the patients to complete their tasks. Accordingly, it has become a necessity to achieve this electronic healthcare system for hospitals. The objective of this research project is to summarize the procedures of this development, and release the relevant software based on an Android platform. Additionally, a corresponding website is to be designed so that healthcare personnel are able to sign in in order to deal with the tasks. The entire system has been tested in real scenarios, at this point only by the authorbut has still not been used by other organizations. The final part of the report involves the conclusions drawn and provides suggestions for further work about the whole project.

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