E-readiness assessment in Iranian B2C enterprises: case Iranian book publishing companies

University essay from Luleå/Business Administration and Social Sciences

Abstract: The recent advancement in information technology (IT) is questioning the
traditional forms of publishing. Many publishers are following e-
publication. It has changed fundamentally the publishing industry and
rise to a new phenomenon called electronic publishing (e-publishing). E-
publishing aims at generating, maintaining, keeping, and diffusing
electronic data using computers and information networks. Changing from
traditional to electronic publishing raises a number of opportunities. It
provides the developing countries with appropriate opportunities for
development and progress. These countries should reap the benefits of e-
publishing and have access to necessary technology.
E-readiness assessments are intended to direct development attempts by
allotting some suitable tools for comparison and gauging progress. Many e-
readiness assessment models have been created and applied by different
groups. However, critical issues related to e-readiness assessment for
publishing companies have not been systematically investigated. Some
existing studies have derived their critical factors from macro
at country level and have not considered the important factors at micro
level for SMEs in an integrated way.
This research is probably the first to support the perspective of critical
issues for e-readiness assessment in publishing companies based on macro
models. Its purpose is first to make e-publishing model and then
implementing the model in Iranian publishing companies. Consequently,
finding the appropriate model, we confirm it to be sure that the model is
the appropriate one. Then, we try to find the status of each indicator in
each factor and at last each factor in publishing companies to find the
overall status of founded model in publishing companies toward e-
Furthermore, it is tried to investigate the status of the Iranian academia
toward e-publishing. Accordingly, a questionnaire based on Social factor
will be made and send out to two famous and important Iranian universities,
Tehran and Tarbiat Modares Universities. After that, it is tried to see
whether the related laws toward e-publishing are enacted .Therefore, a
questionnaire based on the Legislation factor will be made and ask the
management of Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in e-publishing
sector, as a legislator toward e-publishing, to fill out the questionnaire.
At the end, some suggestions based on the findings will be proposed to
remove challenges toward e-publishing.