Intranets for communication and collaboration

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: In this qualitative study, we set out to describe how intranets are used for communication and collaboration. A literary review concerning intranets, communication, computer mediated communication, intranets and communication, collaboration and finally, intranets and collaboration were conducted. After reviewing the theory, 3 persons working at a consulting firm in the construction industry in the south of Sweden was interviewed in order for us to gain data for the study. We conclude that there are several benefits when communicating via the intranet; information is available, no distortion occurs, it allows for storing of communication, it facilitates working from home and communication is more efficient in some areas. Yet, the preferred medium for communication is the telephone of face to face meetings if possible. We also found that the intranet is used to share the projects being worked upon, but beyond that, the intranet plays a small role for collaboration within the company.

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