Efficient analysis of 2D antenna arraysusing the ASM-MBF method

University essay from KTH/Elektroteknisk teori och konstruktion

Author: Sergio Amaya Maldonado; [2011]

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The analysis of large-scaled 2D finite planar arrays with the Method of Momentsrelying on the RWG basis functions requires a huge amount of memory for saving theequation system and a long computation time for solving the surface current distribu-tion. In this project, the Array Scanning Method - Macro Basis Function (ASM-MBF)method created by Craeye is implemented in an existing MoM’s code in order to verifythe reduction of the equation system keeping a good accuracy. Some improvementshave been implemented in the existing code in order to analyze arrays with rectangularand skew lattices. The time spent in the impedance matrix construction has also beenreduced. A program for solving 2D infinite arrays has been created for obtaining theinfinite surface current distributions necessary for the implementation of the ASM-MBF method. Finally, the definitive program has been tested with arrays of dipoleand bowtie antennas. In both cases, the computation time is reduced without affectingthe accuracy of the input impedance.

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