Agile transformation, from classical- to agile project management in a multidisciplinary production environment, a case study

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Handelshögskolan (from 2013)

Abstract: The increase for project efficiency has led to some businesses adopting the agile project management model. This research project has studied how a project-oriented manufacturing company has introduced the agile model in its Research & Development organization. The report here is based on qualitative analysis of 9 interviews with respondents and intends to evaluate how far the agile transformation in the Research & Development organization has progressed. The report further aims to describe how the respondents have perceived and have been affected by the agile transformation.  The respondents in this study have been working as developers and have experienced the agile transformation in the organization from day one. The respondents´ experiences have been analyzed using Self-Determination Theory and the mediating role of psychological safety. Furthermore, previous studies on project transition and agile transformation have been used in the analysis.  This research study has also sought to learn how the temporary organization has introduced internal improvements in its organization through the introduction of the agile model. 

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