Simulation of an Electrical Machine : with superconducting magnetic bearings

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära


This master thesis investigates if there is an induction motor configuration that can be used with a flywheel energy storage system, that uses passve superconducting magnetic bearings (SMBs). The configurations should be able to be designed with induction motor building blocks that are commercially available. The method used to investigate this was simulations of different induction motor configurations in the finite element analysis software COMSOL.

The simulations show that when larger air-gaps than that of a commercial IM unit are used it is possible to use SMBs in the IM. SMBs have the advantage of having zero resistance which makes it possible to store energy without resistance losses. However it was found that by using and IM with SMBs the generated power would be lower than that of a commercial unit.

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