Management of Aided Construction Projects

University essay from Lunds universitet/Utbildningar i Helsingborg

Abstract: Tanzania is a developing country standing in front of a lot of challenges. One of the biggest challenges, that this study considers, is the development of the construction management. In a time where the infrastructure and urbanization of the world is increasing it is important for developing countries such as Tanzania not to fall to far behind. However, in spite of this the development of the construction management of Tanzania is still going slow. The development of the infrastructure and urbanization is still inefficient and there are a lot of class differences between inhabitants living in urban and rural areas. This study is a review of the management of aided construction projects. The aim with the report is to examine the process and management of building construction in Tanzania and search for improvements and increased efficiency. The study deepens into a field study to investigate the case of foreign aid building support. The study has been made in a systematic process and is broadly made in two parts. The first part focuses on a literature study comprising articles, books and reports. The aim is to establish and present the main factors and procedure of the construction management in Tanzania. The second part is based on the field study. The purpose with the field study is to give a perspective of the aid building management and to track eventual inadequacies in the building process. Observations and interviews were done to find recommendations how to make the building process even more effective. The study found a lot of inadequacies in the building process such as lack of competence and knowledge, lack of communication and difficulties making time plans but despite the inadequacies, overall the aid construction project turned out successful. To expect the process only to run smoothly in this kind of project is to be a bit too optimistic. Differences of culture and working process are two things to have in mind before starting an aid project. I found spreading of knowledge as one of the main factors to increase the efficiency of the construction management and after my experience at Jua Kali orphanage center, I believe that foreign aid projects are a great way of doing this. For example, by using local labour you both support the local employment and it is also a great way of implementing new techniques. To reach a successful aid project it is also important to be humble to the new culture, flexible and sometimes be willing to meet halfway. To do a thorough feasibility study is also something I recommend before starting the project since it simplifies the future working process, time planning and budget calculations. To increase the efficiency of the construction management I also believe it is important that exalted organizations such as the government and other financial institutions, local and national authorities of the country, to prioritize economical support to the construction industry. By developing the infrastructure and urbanization it will promote the welfare of the whole country and at the same time decrease the dependency of foreign financial support.

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