Dragon Age Origins : a look at character consistency and complexitythrough dialogues

University essay from Högskolan på Gotland/Institutionen för speldesign, teknik och lärande

Author: Linus Nilsson; [2013]

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This paper takes a look at two non-player characters in the game Dragon Age Origins and analyzes if their dialogues spoken are contributing to making the characters examined complex and also seeing if the dialogues spoken on a specific topic are being consistent. That the characters are having the same view on the topic does not matter to any other non-player characters to whom they speak. Thirty dialogues are being analyzed. Fifteen of them are delivered by the character Alistair and the other fifteen by the character Leliana. As an analyzing tool, Paul Grice's maxim of quantity and maxim of manner has been used. The conclusion suggests how Paul Grice's maxims could be used as a helping tool when writing dialogue for games.

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