Sales opportunities for solar collectors in industries : A market analysis of two different markets

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Author: Peter Kjellgren; Nikolas Spanoudakis; [2017]

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Abstract:  The intensifying environmental problems demand nations to take immediate action. The industry sector alone accounts for 54 % of the global energy demand (year 2012) and the most common way for industries to get heat for its production, is still today by fossil-fuel boilers. One promising renewable energy source, which has great potential in replacing fossil-fuel boilers, is solar thermal energy. In order to meet all climate goals, the Paris agreement for example, renewable energy resources like solar thermal energy will become crucial. Absolicon Solar AB is a Swedish manufacturing company, whose main product is the solar collector T160. The T160 is a heat water producing collector, which is suitable for integrating in industrial heat water processes for temperatures up to 160 °C. One of the challenges the company faces, is to find suitable markets and customers to sell its product to. Two promising markets that Absolicon want to explore and eventually enter are the Food and Beverage market in Spain, and the District Heating market in Denmark. This study aims to give Absolicon a better understanding of these two markets of interest, in order for Absolicon to enter and direct the right value proposition of its product to the right customers. Thus two qualitative market researches were conducted, one for each market. Based on the results of the market researches, two business strategies were proposed respectively. Finally, a comparative study is carried out and relative conclusions are drawn.

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