Betydelsen av en komplex jordartsgeologi för bärighet och drivningsplanering

University essay from SLU/School for Forest Management

Abstract: When doing harvest planning, the knowledge of the soil's bearing capacity is of great importance. The planning must be carried out so that damage on forest soil from the heavy forest machines does not occur. In connection with the inland ice retreat from the landscape, the finer grain sizes were swelled out of the moraine fields to gather on lower ground as sediment land. Within the range from coarser moraine land to finer sediment land, the ground condition classes (part of the planning assessment of the ground condition, surface structure and slope) vary. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the importance of the complex soil geology for bearing capacity and harvest planning. The study would also extend the information for a number of points on the so-called “Geoslingan” (Geologic path) located in Riddarhyttan and in the surrounding area. A minor literature study was carried out at the beginning of the study to strengthen the basic knowledge of the subject. After a collection of material in field, processing was started in the laboratory and subsequently analysed the data digitally. The result determined the names of the different samples and their ground condition class at each point. At the lower locations in the landscape, the fine soil was dominant and at the higher locations a much more evenly distributed texture distribution curve was shown. The importance of soil moisture for the ground condition class was also demonstrated. Some conclusions from the study are that the variation in normal ground conditions in an area can be large and that two locations with similar texture compositions can have different ground condition classification depending on the soil moisture. Something that remains to be investigated is the variation of the ground condition and bearing capacity at a single felling location.

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