Outdoor baths of Sandvik

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Gerd Holgersson; [2014]

Keywords: Bath; sauna; coast; Kallbadhus; bad; Sandvik; Öland; bastu; kust;


In this thesis I’ve been working with a proposal for an outdoor bath complex in the village Sandvik on the north-west coast of Öland. The research questions asked in the beginning of the process were:

- How can an outdoor bath complex (kallbadhus) be formed so as to match the needs of the summer tourists as well as the permanently living inhabitants of the island and a be well functioning institution all year round?

- How can the baths be formed to meet and take care of the existing qualities of the site?

- How can I in the working process get grip of and develope the sensual, non-visual aspects of the architecture?

The working process has been a dialogue between the inner spaces of the structure and the bigger landscape. The sensual experience of specific spaces of the baths and how they relate to the landscape has been essential, both from the perspective of being inside the structure and from the outside.

The baths consist of a group of buildings – some wooden and some made of concrete – placed around 60 meters from the coast. It’s, as mentioned, directed towards both summer tourists and the normal inhabitant of Öland, and it offers different kinds of sauna and bathing situations such as dry saunas, steam sauna, shower rooms, and various forms of outdoor bathing.

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