A useful set of tools or a heavy backpack? A case study of Volvo Trucks during the shift from fossil fuels to electricity

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Since the discoveries of the externalities caused by the combustion of fossil fuels, a more sustainablealternative has been sought. One such solution that has gained increased attention from both thepublic and the manufacturing industry is Battery Electric Vehicles, BEVs. However, for the vehicleproduction industry, this technological shift is not unproblematic due to heavy investments in thedevelopment and production of Internal Combustion Engines, ICEs. The aim of this study is hence totry and identify the main considerations of a mature producer, Volvo Trucks, because of thecompany’s size and the sister company’s already developed battery electric busses, through aliterature review and interviews. The results show that Volvo Trucks are aiming to educate theircustomers on the benefits of BEVs, help handle the customers’ perceived risk, as well as to create amore agile organisation.

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