World of Desire

University essay from Konstfack/Grafisk design & illustration

Abstract: This project report offers an in-depth, detailed account of my creative process and work during my two-year Master in visual communication at Konstfack, Stockholm. My degree project is a celebration of plurality and visual democracy. Starting with identifying different norms pervading the graphic design discipline in the Western world today, both in terms of aesthetic values and systems of thinking, I have worked to propose and visualize alternative possible futures.  Drawing has been my main carrier through an intense journey of un-learning and re-learning resulting in an artist’s book in unique copy.  With this book, I want to problematize the dominant discourses around objectivity as a utopian ideal with a suppressive agenda, while visualizing a world I can recognize myself in. I have used decoration as a method, emotion and femininity as explorative standpoints, giving space to the metaphorical, the ambiguous and the spiritual to challenge current visual norms.  This book emerges as an affirmation of my own quest for visual belonging  as a graphic designer and a woman; a testimony of the practice of drawing as actualized power.

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