Method for rebuilding gaspoweredtrucks

University essay from KTH/Fordonsdynamik

Author: Krister Kölzow; [2018]

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Abstract: This master thesis investigates the possibility to rebuild heavy-duty trucks poweredby liquefied natural gas (LNG) to other fuel options such as compressednatural gas (CNG), diesel or ethanol. The background is that the second handvalue for a LNG truck is lower than a similar diesel truck due to an undevelopedinfrastructure with few refuelling stations. This results in a small market for secondhand LNG trucks.Both tractor and rigid trucks are evaluated from a technical perspective to determinewhich components that need to be changed when switching from LNG toanother type of fuel. When that is completed each fuel alternative is evaluatedbased on cost and market interest. Also certification and other legislations areinvestigated to determine if they will affect the rebuilding process.The result shows that the rebuild faces different technical complexity dependingon the target fuel alternative. It is concluded that a rebuild to diesel or ethanolis expensive due to many changes needed for the engine and aftertreatment andtherefore these alternatives are not a good choice for a rebuild. A rebuild to CNGis still expensive but can be of interest for rigid trucks, but not for tractor truckssince they usually have a demand for longer range. In order to get the final cost ofthe rebuild to CNG a commercial assessment has to be made and the rebuild willdepend on in which country the rebuild is performed due to different legislationsfor re-registration which may be a an obstacle.

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