Morality Discourses of NGOs Working With FGM/C in Sierra Leone

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: This thesis examines how moral discourse concerning FGM/C is articulated by the NGOs Amazonian Initiative Movement (AIM) and Advocacy Movement Network (AMNet) and with what consequences. It is a case study about these two organisations which uses content analysis as the main data collecting and analysing strategy. The theoretical framework describes the contemporary debate regarding FGM/C and categorises universalist, cultural relativist and mixed/alternative perspectives. The thesis concludes that the moral perspective of the organisations is evident through the design and implementation of the project as well as the various statements made by members of the organisations. AIM and AMNet articulate both universalist and cultural relativist perspectives. AIM explicitly places value in the Bondo tradition excluding FGM/C and AMNet suggests postponing FGM/C until the women are 18, displaying a cultural relativist view to the local culture. The analysis suggests that the initiatives which receive international funding are more universalist. Therefore, the design of the initiatives and the presentation of the organisation needs to be universalist in order to gain international support.

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