Experience database

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Author: Andreas Ohldin; Marcus Weldeborn Norlander; [2013-03-19]

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Abstract: In today's enterprises, information is exchanged faster than ever before. Companies can gain a competitive advantage by implementing new IT tools, making their organization more efficient. This thesis focus on developing a tool to facilitate the exchange of experiences inside the enterprise QRTECH AB situatedin G oteborg, Sweden. The company found no solution on today's market and decided to develop a new instrument adjustedto their needs. In this thesis an experience is de ned as a knowledge a specific person has obtained during a certain period of time. An experience can be described using words, which in this thesis are called tags, in order to give experiences a context. This creates opportunities which are di cult to obtain when utilizing a traditional approach of categorizing. The application consists of a MySQL database and a web site. PHP was used to enable the communication between the database and web site. The necessary languages used for the web site are XHTML and JavaScript. By utilizing the library JQuery and method AJAX the development process was facilitated. The web site has the ability to search for experiences andprojects in order for employees to nd colleagues possessing knowledge requested. Employees can create a personal accountto be able to add experiences and projects into the database. An administrator account has been implemented in order to enablethe possibility to prepare the database with information since it is empty at the beginning. By evaluating the performance of the web site, using two developed scripts, several improvements were implemented onthe database queries. Currently, the established functionalities create the foundation on which future features can be implemented. The objective for future works should be to continue improving the performance, functionality and layout and to review issues regarding security. However, the rst issue to address is to solve the problems associated with Internet Explorer 8.0 since it is QRTECH's default browser.

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