Predicting Electromagnetic Noise in Induction Motors

University essay from KTH/Numerisk analys, NA

Author: Minh Khoa Nguyen; [2014]

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Induction motors are used in many applications, especially in our daily modes of transportation such as trains, cars, buses, trucks, etc. As a consequence, they contribute a significant amount of noise in the environment, which can cause serious problems on the human well-being. This thesis aims to simulate induction motors in order to predict the noise produced by the electromagnetic forces generated in the motors. Simulations can help the engineers with a noise-efficient design. In this work, COMSOL1 Multiphysics ®r 4.4 software is used for the modeling. The two squirrel-cage induction motors are studied. Motor1 is a benchmark design while Motor3 models a device manufactured at ABB2. Under no load condition, both motors show results in accordance with the theory of induction motors. The results of Motor3 obtained with COMSOL Multiphysics are compared with Adept (an in-house software of ABB for modeling motors). Acoustics modeling was done for Motor1. As expected, noise in Motor1 is contributed by the electromagnetic force and resonance with natural frequencies of the motor.

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