A Thai who has Chinese blood: Acculturation and identity perception among the third generation Sino-Thai in Bangkok

University essay from Lunds universitet/Centrum för öst- och sydöstasienstudier

Abstract: Bangkok is a multicultural metropolis where different cultures are exchanged and frequently in contact. The Chinese diaspora has settled in Bangkok for a long period of time. The intermarriage between the Thai and the Chinese has created a complex identity known as Sino-Thai for their descendants. This study aimed to explore the identity perception of the third generation Sino-Thai in Bangkok by applying acculturation theory. Particularly, Berry’s four acculturation strategies: assimilation, segregation, integration and marginalization were used to define identity perceptions of the third generation Sino-Thai in Bangkok, through four domains of acculturation: food, language, social interaction as well as ritual and religious practices. As a result, this thesis found that this group of Sino Thai perceived themselves as “Thai Chue Sai Chin” (A Thai who has Chinese blood). This group of participants showed a distinct integration characteristic according to Berry’s acculturation strategies, which were displayed consistently throughout the four domains of acculturation.

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