Competing in the Chinese Instant Noodle Market–A market research on the “Present Wheater”brand of the Hualong Group Co., Ltd

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för management; Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för management


The thesis mainly discusses in two aspects. The first aspect is how the customers think of the “Present Wheater” of the Hualong Group and what the position of the “Present Wheater” is in the Chinese instant noodle market. We tried to find those points not only from consumers’cognition, attitude and behavior to the “Present Wheater”, but also from the management level of the Hualong Group.The second part is what we can do to improve the current marketing strategy of the “Present Wheater” and help the “Present Wheater” gain more market shares so as to win its two main competitors. Three fields are touched: marketing research, consumer market and behavior,and the marketing mix. Theories from the three fields are applied to facilitate the discussion of our research. Marketing research theory gives a synthesized description of our research environment and helps us identify the market target and the market position of our research object. Theory from the consumer market and behavior are introduced to approach the design and the implementation of the questionnaire survey, so that we can get much useful information from the consumers in all aspects. The marketing mix is the core part in our research. We have tried to find something for our research object under the guidance of the Four Ps and provided our recommendations on the four aspects. The contribution of the research is twofold. First, the thesis helps the Hualong Group to clarify the position of the “Present Wheater” brand in the Chinese urban instant noodle market from the perspective of the consumers. Meanwhile,the research aims to help other congener Chinese domestic companies recognize the reasons for the Hualong Group succeeding in competing with the foreign companies in the Chinese instant noodle market so as to learn some lessons from the Hualong Group.

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