Implementation of LCA at Perstorp Form

University essay from Lunds universitet/Förpackningslogistik

Abstract: The objective of this thesis is to increase the organization's knowledge about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), so Perstorp Form can organize the development of know-how and meet the demands from customers. An LCA project was initiated to identify? necessary changes as well as clarify how LCA can be used together with other management tools. The experience from the LCA study, the so-called Gilde case, shows that: Suppliers and customers stand for an extensive part of the life-cycle, so the data collection requires support from those; LCA data are not easily available and much necessary data are not common. The analysis requires expert knowledge about processes and measuring methods. Perstorp Form lacks the intimae resources to support an LCA project. The Gilde case as well as the collection of experience from other company's show that Perstorp Form needs to develop its skills in using LCA to meet the demands from customers as well as utilize LCA in Perstorp Form's own internal development. Perstorp Form needs to: ? Educate all people involved in performing or using LCA studies, including the customers. ? Develop an infrastructure for data collection. ? Find a way to store and maintain data, e.g. a database, together with concerned parties, such as CPM (The Center for Product-Related Environmental Analysis) and customers, ? Establish routines for LCA projects. ? Appoint an environmental controller during a transition period. ? Cooperate with other plastics manufacturers and the cardboard industry to develop LCA practice and know-how. LCA ought to be used with other management tools/philosophies as indicated below.

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