Information visualization as an interactive business intelligence tool for improved management and self-assessment of financial brokers in private banking

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Abstract: With an increase in storage capacity, many organizations strive to collect as much data as possible. The data can then be aggregated and visualized in order to provide a strategic advantage, commonly referred to as Business Intelligence (BI). Several sectors are contemporarily unfamiliar with the full potential of BI visualizations, among them the financial sector.In this report, an experimental design-oriented research study, set out to explore the affordances and challenges with designing an information visualization to improve both management and self-assessment of financial brokers in private banking at a large-scale bank.To explore this area, a prototype was iteratively developed based on information gathered from interviews and evaluations on two private banking managers and a panel of UX professionals at the bank. The final prototype was then evaluated by the two managers and five of their financial brokers through a combination of a task analysis and semi-structured interviews. The results concluded that the proposed visualization improved several aspects for financial management including business overview and workload balancing. However, the proposed tool was not deemed useful in self-assessment terms as financial brokers’ performance is so largely dependent on the current market state.

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