Compact ConvNets with Ternary Weights and Binary Activations

University essay from KTH/Robotik, perception och lärande, RPL

Abstract: Compact architectures, ternary weights and binary activations are two methods suitable for making neural networks more efficient. We introduce a) a dithering binary activation which improves accuracy of ternary weight networks with binary activations by randomizing quantization error, and b) a method of implementing ternary weight networks with binary activations using binary operations. Despite these new approaches, training a compact SqueezeNet architecture with ternary weights and full precision activations on ImageNet degrades classification accuracy significantly more than when training a less compact architecture the same way. Therefore ternary weights in their current form cannot be called the best method for reducing network size. However, the effect of weight decay on ternary weight network training should be investigated more in order to have more certainty in this finding.

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