Storgatan 2.0 : A Concept to discuss redesign ideas for the main pedestrian street of Växjö

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för design (DE)

Abstract: Storgatan 2.0 is a study and design concept investigating the need for change of the main pedestrian street of the city of Växjö, in South Sweden. In order to propose a basis for discussions, and work as an inspiration for further renewal ideas, the design concept presents various, initial redesign visualisations of the site, Storgatan pedestrian street. The theoretical framework of this study leans on conducting urban studies with human-centred approach to city development. The exploratory research phase of the project was performed through several methods, including site observation, interview, and a survey for the local citizens. Also, relevant secondary research and necessary investigation of the context, Sweden, are part of the study. In the end, the project focuses on sorting and analysing the data, by using various visual thinking tools as a method. The outcome of the project is a proposal visualising the possibilities for Storgatan, based on the research results. The visualisations are not meant to provide detail-oriented final solutions, but defend the potential of Storgatan to become a stronger version of the main pedestrian street – an enjoyable, pedestrian-prioritised public place that is actively used and shaped by the citizens.

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