Usability evaluation of Beebyte’s website

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Handelshögskolan (from 2013)

Author: Nikolai Guldager; [2019]

Keywords: interaction design; UX; web design;

Abstract: For companies operating on the web, a high usability on their website are of outmost importance for customers to keep using their services. Over the years many usability principles and methods have been developed to help companies to achieve a high usability on their systems. This thesis aims to help Beebyte identify usability problems on their website, find out how users perceive its usability, and then come up with recommendations on how to improve it. To do this a heuristic evaluation and a user test were conducted. Each user test session was accompanied by a questionnaire and a post-test interview. The result presents several of usability problems found by the heuristic evaluation and the user tests, and a summary of the post-test interviews and questionnaires. The sources of the problems are then analysed, and recommendations are presented based on established usability principles, my own experience in the area and the test participants opinions from the post-test interviews. The questionnaire answers are discussed and analysed to get a better idea on how they rank the website from a usability perspective.

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