The Virtue of Patriotism - A Comparative Study between Swedish and Greek Buy-Domestic Campaigns in the Midst of Financial Crisis

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Thesis Purpose: The aim with this study is to, from a cross-cultural perspective, present an exploratory investigation of the relationship between buy-domestic campaigns, ethnocentrism and consumer behavior among 18-24 year old citizens in Greece and Sweden during the time period of the European financial crisis. Theoretical Framework: This research project investigates buy-domestic campaigns from an ethnocentric perspective, drawing on a comprehensive framework from the fields of political consumerism, consumer behavior and advertising. Methodology: With a departure in a constructionist perspective, this study seeks to explore the nature of buy-domestic campaigns and how they are perceived by young citizens. A qualitative research strategy has thus been used to investigate and gain understanding about the researched subject. Further, a triangulation of research methods consisting of both a text- and discourse analysis as well as in-depth interviews have been used to collect empiric material. Findings: This study provides an in-depth understanding of how young Swedish and Greek citizens perceive buy-domestic campaigns. Due to the European financial crisis, Greek citizens are more inclined to feel supportive of such campaigns and evaluate them in a patriotic manner. Swedish youth are on the contrary more inclined to perceive the campaigns as part of an environmental discourse. Further, Greek citizens feel more targeted by the campaigns in general, while young Swedes’ deploy a “what’s in it for me” mentality.

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