Optimizing Mobile Phone Free Fall Drop Test Equipment - Precision, Repeatability, and Time Efficiency

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Boris Asadanin; [2009]

Keywords: Free Fall; Drop Test; Robot; Mobile; Mobile Phone;

Abstract: Free fall drop testing is an important part of the development of commercial electronic components and devices. In the process of optimizing the quality of their entire product range, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB have decided to review their free fall drop test equipment with the goal of increasing the precision, repeatability, and time efficiency of their drop test applications. In regard to the free fall drop test principle a robot system with management software, named Doris Drop Test System, is developed to meet these goals. As the amount of related work for this application is as minimal as the timeframes for this project, the development process is empirical and entrepreneurial with engineering skills as the governing line of work. Combining the competence from fields such as mechanics, electronics and product development, reaching the goals is successful enabling the identifying of two different drop methods – Impact Position and Drop Position. Increasing the repeatability from approximately 10% to 85% enables anyone at any time to perform the exact mobile phone drop test. By reaching a precision of up to 100%, performing free fall drop tests aiming for testing specific mobile phone parts, optimizes the development process by faster detection of mechanical weaknesses. Achieving these results in parallel with increasing the throughput by shortening the testing time, has proven the success of the Doris Drop Test System.  

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