Fetal Malnutrition and Cognitive Development: Evidence from Ethiopia

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Author: Molla Habtamu; [2017-07-28]

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Abstract: This thesis investigates the impact of potential fetal malnutrition on the cognitive development. It accounts for the endogeneity of fetal malnutrition by using the expo- sure to the two months of Easter fasting (Lent) during the time in utero as a natural experiment. The study assumes some Orthodox mothers might have fasted when they were pregnant. Non-Orthodox Christian children are considered in the speci cations as a control group to use a di rence-in-di rence framework. The results show exposure to fasting while in utero has a negative e ect on cognitive development of Orthodox Christian children. Moreover, the result reveals the negative impact is severe on females and children from low socioeconomic background families. This study highlights the importance of prenatal interventions and the need to focus more on the disadvantaged groups.

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