100 Days of drawings

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


This thesis project is based on an attempt to define ”frames for the creativity” withina design process.The idea has been to follow a method of very clear rules, tools and a limited time spanto produce small form giving tasks and spatial investigations.The intention was to shift the focus and demands of the everyday performance ina project - from qualitative abstract expectations - to quantitative tasks with a dailyphysical result as the only requirement.This would insure the production of material that could then be assessed and analysedto feed information, ideas and questions to the forthcoming work.I gave myself the challenge of producing one analog, abstract drawing perday for the 100 days that constitute the thesis period.Making these drawings have lead to a curiosity about how, when and why we perceivedepth in two-dimensional images.Trying to answer these questions has given me a deeper understanding of how theimage is related to our perception of three-dimensional space and architecture.In order to further relate and understand the relevance of this work in thearchitectural field today, I have made a mapping study of how artists and architectsthroughout history have been dealing with these phenomena, in order to learn, teachand achieve various spatial sensations.- Insights that I am looking forward to use and sharein my future work as an architect.

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