Enhancing Requirements Elicitation and Validation with Gamification

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Abstract: The general problem for requirements engineering(RE) is that stakeholders are often not activelyinvolved in requirements engineering, especially whendealing with a non-IT-based company. The availability,involvement and motivation of stakeholders are knownissues within requirements engineering, and the activeinvolvement of stakeholders in requirements engineeringis crucial for the system under design to fulfill theirexpectations.To overcome this problem, we use action research and aweb based gamified platform, a website based on Wordpressto which gamification elements have been added, forgathering requirements with the stakeholders of an appthat is to be developed, at our organisational partner. Wedrive forward together with our organizational partner toensure requirements quality.What I intend to find out is whether or not the webbased gamified platform works for our organisationalpartner, if it does ease access for the stakeholders andif gamification does motivate them. Further, we intendto find out if crowd sourcing works at our organisationalpartner, and if it eases access to a large number ofstakeholders.

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