Uncovering the Motivations for Creating Brand-Related UGC on Instagram : A Study within the Apparel Industry

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/Internationella Handelshögskolan; Högskolan i Jönköping/Internationella Handelshögskolan

Abstract: Background The emergence of the Web 2.0 has enabled users to create and distribute content on social media platforms. As consumers depend increasingly on each other when gathering and evaluating information, they are becoming influential on brand activities by producing UGC and eWoM. As this represents a cost-efficient marketing practice for brands, they are seeking ways to leverage the creation of positive brand-related UGC. Purpose The purpose of this study is to explore motivations for brand-related UGC creation on Instagram in the apparel industry. Method The study is explorative with a grounded theory inspired research strategy, and an abductive approach. A total of 20 participants were included in semi-structured interviews using IM. The participants, who all had posted brand-related pictures on Instagram, were selected purposely through Instagram itself, and were German or Swedish. Inspired by a grounded theory strategy, data collection and analysis proceeded simultaneously with the aid of a deductively developed preliminary model and a qualitative content analysis method. New insights were found inductively through the interviews, leading to the development and revision of the preliminary model. Findings and Conclusion The findings demonstrate that motivations for UGC creation are rooted in three dimensions, namely personal, social, and brand-related dimensions, all comprising of several categories of motivations with their respective sub-categories. Remarkably, the brand itself appears to be a greater motivation for UGC creation than previously expected. The results further indicate a strong interconnectivity between the three dimensions. Contributions This research provides a conceptual framework of motivations for UGC creation. It contributes with knowledge for marketing practitioners, as the model can be used to generate more effective marketing strategies on social media, suggesting them to incorporate the three dimensions of personal, social and brand-related motivations to trigger high levels of consumer engagement in relation with the brand.

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