Using blended learning in a university-level environment

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Abstract: This thesis investigates how teaching methods within blended learning can be applied to a university-level introductory programming course at Chalmers University.The course in question is planned to be renewed, and its administrators are contemplating whether implementing blended learning could help in teaching programming.Therefore, the purpose of this thesis is to explore what blended learning-based resources could provide value for the course from a technological point of view. Thetwo models that this thesis will explore more in-depth are mastery-based learningand flipped classroom. How to best implement these two models into the presentedsetting will be the main focus when presenting the technology-based resources developed for the target course. The resources that were developed comprise of a coursestructure with modules and quizzes, and an administrative application for teachers.Both these resources were developed to support the blended learning practices andto work well in the target course setting. The results and conclusions are supportedby the literature around blended learning. However, due to the lack of ability totest the results, it is hard to determine how the developed resources would performin practice. To determine this, they need to be tested in action over the run of thecourse and evaluated on how they performed.

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